Coconut Husk 每Vinyl Coir Mat
Coconut Husk 每Vinyl Coir Mat Coconut Husk - Vinyl  Coil Mat Industrial Specialty Mat Malaysia, Johor Bahru (JB) Supplier, Supply, Supplies | ECO WORLD HYGIENE (M) SDN BHD

Features : Thick coir brush with a heavy-duty vinyl backing.Excellent scrubbing and moisture absorption.Custom cut to any shape and size to suit client's requirement.
Come in natural colors but customization of your mat with different color and designs.
*Use and Throw - Low cost and highly effective

Thickness : 15mm

Roll Form : 2m x 15m

                ( Custom-Cut Lengths Available )

Custom Logo & Messages and available

Colour : Natural

Application : Domestic & Commercial:
As door mats for your homes, offices, shops,etc. Available in different shapes, sizes, designs, and colours,(Available in roll from for large areas). Personal & Commercial: Create your own designs or messages on the mat as a gift or for retail. Industrial and Commercial:For use a'use and throw' scrapper or wiper mat. Oil/Gas industry, ship yards, workshops, ship board, beach resorts, Golf/country clubs, construction sites, etc.

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